Who is teaching?

Qari & Hafiz-ul-Quran Maulana Mustafa Sharif

Brother Mustafa has been teaching Quran and hifzul Quran for over 20 years. He is a british citizen from Yemen and one of the Ahlul-bait. Mustafa was one of the pioneers of “Al-Ansar Islamic Education centre”. During this time, he has additionally been teaching in various other academies across the UK. His background makes him well-versed in Quranic knowledge and daily life as a Muslim. He is an Islamic Scholar who has studied Al-Quran and Hadith, as well as Fiqh’.

At present, he is our Marks Gate Muslim Community & MGMC Academy Khatib / Head teacher.

Alhamdulilah we are blessed to be reminded of Allah with brother Mustafa’s help.

Saiful Tareq

Brother Tareq has studied in Madrasah since 1989. He has studied and been a student of Al-Quran and Islamic studies. He has since continued to research in comparative religious beliefs for several years. Since the completion of Brother Tareq’s MSc in Banking and Finance at Middlesex University, he is currently employed by a Japanese clothing company. He was teaching in Marks Gate Muslim Community Academy for over 2 years.

At present, he is the Head of the MGMC Academy.

Who is there for support?

Mariah, Juearia & Anas
All of them have completed their Quranic education and Islamic studies in the best manner possible. They have all been taught by Sheikh Maulana Mustafa Sharif. They are all continuing their studies and hope to graduate from Queen Mary University of London.