Project & Service

Alhamdulillah, as our community is increasing by the number of Muslim families, we encourage all of our brothers and sisters to bring their children to learn Deen (Islam), in our Madrasah. We started with basic Islamic education and aim to improve according to our need, In-sha-Allah.

To secure a place for our compulsory Salah and Madrasah for the community, all Muslim brotherhoods are highly encouraged to donate and join us through this Journey.

Project timeline

Built community for Jummah - 2013
Intermin committee - 2013
Madrasah classes started - 2015
Completion of Quran by Hafiz in Tararweeh- 2015
Eid fair/reunion for children/sisters - 2015
Community bank account - 2015
2014 - First Eid celebration
2014 - First Taraweeh
2017 - Eid reunion with children/women and other faiths
2017 - Charity registration number
2017 - Website/social media platform ready