About Madrasah

We have started doing Madrasah classes for kids/teens since July 2015.

About Teacher

  • He is Hafiz-ul-Quran
  • Our present Muallim is our Jummah Khatib
  • Has over 20 years experience teaching in the UK
  • His students progress further to become Hafiz-ul-Quran
  • Prior to moving to our area, he has taught in Al-Ansar, Eton road and other places.

We teach the following to all kids/teens:

  • - Al-Quran/Qawa'id
  • - Tajweed & Recitation
  • - Islamic Studies (Fiqh/Aqa'id)
  • - Hadith
  • - Akhlaq & Prophet's stories (moral lessons)

All Aalims(teachers) are CRB/DBS checked and are pleased to offer classes to the local Muslim community.